My name is Muhammad Jazman. I was born in Indonesia (Penyasawan Village, near Kampar river, Riau Province). I speak Indonesian (Bahasa).

If you want to find my village, just search Pekanbaru on Google ! Pekanbaru is capital city of Riau Province.
[Pekanbaru:: Latitude: 0.5445, Longitude: 101.4612, TimeZone: GMT+7]

Now, I’m still a (last year) student on Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. I’ve ever wasted my time on University of Padjadjaran for a year. I’ve graduated from SMU Negeri 1 Padang. That’s why I’ve a crazy NEM (Nilai Ebtanas Murni). I think it is fake! I’m not like that!

I’m just a hopeless moron who waste his valuable time on PC. I love my PC! That’s why I’ll be mad if I dont touch it even just for a day.

I don’t like Military. That’s why i don’t like war! I hate USA, just because they invade another country like rape a virgin girl. I think, we don’t need to waste our money to build weapon to kill another human life. If you want to kill someone, just play CounterStrike, MOHAA, DOOM, or anything like that!

I’m a muslim, not a pious one, but it’s enough to hate CocaCola. If you able to read Arabian, you will read Coca-Cola as NO MOHAMMED-NO MAKKAH. You know that my name is MOHAMMED! Fair enough, isn’t it?

If you want to talk to me, just leave a comment here, or you can YM! me.


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