MapServer and MapCache Installation on Windows

seems like a better way to install / extract MS4W on your box …


MapServer is a powerful Open Source geographic data rendering engine. It works on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, Solaris and more) and supports many OGC standards including WMS and WFS. It is able to read numerous raster and vector format via GDAL and OGR. The current stable release of MapServer is 6.4.1.

MapCache is a server that implements tile cache to speed up access to WMS layers. The current stable release of MapCache is 1.2.1.

In general, if you are familiar with ESRI products, MapServer is like an Open Source lite version of ArcGIS Server which only supports dynamic Map Service and MapCache enables the tile caching capabilities on MapServer.

MS4W is a easy solution to have a complete MapServer suite on the Windows platform. It contains all necessary software packages so you don’t have to download and install them one by one. For some reason, the current…

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