gem install

awalnya saya tidak bisa install gem nya ruby, karena masalah sertifikat katanya.

ternyata solusinya adalah dengan mendownload dulu sertifikatnya dan export sebuah environment variable SSL_CERT_FILE

baru kemudian Anda lakukan

gem update –system

berikut skrinsyot saya:
C:\Users\CORE I 3>set SS

C:\Users\CORE I 3>gem update –system
Updating rubygems-update
Fetching: rubygems-update-2.4.6.gem (100%)
Successfully installed rubygems-update-2.4.6
Parsing documentation for rubygems-update-2.4.6
Installing ri documentation for rubygems-update-2.4.6
Installing darkfish documentation for rubygems-update-2.4.6
Done installing documentation for rubygems-update after 12 seconds
Parsing documentation for rubygems-update-2.4.6
Done installing documentation for rubygems-update after 0 seconds
Installing RubyGems 2.4.6
RubyGems 2.4.6 installed
Parsing documentation for rubygems-2.4.6
Installing ri documentation for rubygems-2.4.6

=== 2.4.6 / 2014-02-05

Bug fixes:

* Fixed resolving gems with both upper and lower requirement boundaries.
Issue #1141 by Jakub Jirutka.
* Moved extension directory after require_paths to fix missing constant bugs
in some gems with C extensions. Issue #784 by André Arko, pull request
#1137 by Barry Allard.
* Use Gem::Dependency#requirement when adding a dependency to an existing
dependency instance. Pull request #1101 by Josh Cheek.
* Fixed warning of shadowed local variable in Gem::Specification. Pull request
#1109 by Rohit Arondekar
* Gem::Requirement should always sort requirements before coercion to Hash.
Pull request #1139 by Eito Katagiri.
* The `gem open` command should change the current working directory before
opening the editor. Pull request #1142 by Alex Wood.
* Ensure quotes are stripped from the Windows launcher script used to install
gems. Pull request #1115 by Youngjun Song.
* Fixed errors when writing to NFS to to 0444 files. Issue #1161 by Emmanuel
* Removed dead code in Gem::StreamUI. Pull request #1117 by mediaslave24.
* Fixed typos. Pull request #1096 by hakeda.
* Relaxed CMake dependency for RHEL 6 and CentOS 6. Pull request #1124 by Vít
* Relaxed Psych dependency. Pull request #1128 by Vít Ondruch.

=== 2.4.5 / 2014-12-03

Bug fixes:

* Improved speed of requiring gems. (Around 25% for a 60 gem test). Pull
request #1060 by unak.
* RubyGems no longer attempts to look up gems remotely with the –local flag.
Pull request #1084 by Jeremy Evans.
* Executable stubs use the correct gem version when RUBYGEMS_GEMDEPS is
active. Issue #1072 by Michael Kaiser-Nyman.
* Fixed handling of pinned gems in lockfiles with versions. Issue #1078 by
Ian Ker-Seymer.
* Fixed handling of git@example:gem.git URIs. Issue #1054 by Mogutan Mogu.
* Fixed handling of platforms retrieved from the dependencies API. Issue
#1058 and patch suggestion by tux-mind.
* RubyGems now suggests a copy-pasteable `gem pristine` command when
extensions are missing. Pull request #1057 by Shannon Skipper.
* Improved errors for long file names when packaging. Pull request #1016 by
Piotrek Bator.
* `gem pristine` now skips gems cannot be found remotely. Pull request #1064
by Tuomas Kareinen.
* `gem pristine` now caches gems to the proper directory. Pull request #1064
by Tuomas Kareinen.
* `gem pristine` now skips bundled gems properly. Pull request #1064 by
Tuomas Kareinen.
* Improved interoperability of Vagrant with RubyGems. Pull request #1057 by
Vít Ondruch.
* Renamed CONTRIBUTING to CONTRIBUTING.rdoc to allow markup. Pull request
#1090 by Roberto Miranda.
* Switched from #partition to #reject as only one collection is used. Pull
request #1074 by Tuomas Kareinen.
* Fixed installation of gems on systems using memory-mapped files. Pull
request #1038 by Justin Li.
* Fixed bug in Gem::Text#min3 where `a == b < c`. Pull request #1026 by
* Fixed uninitialized variable warning in BasicSpecification. Pull request
#1019 by Piotr Szotkowski.
* Removed unneeded exception handling for cyclic dependencies. Pull request
#1043 by Jens Wille.
* Fixed grouped expression warning. Pull request #1081 by André Arko.
* Fixed handling of platforms when writing lockfiles.

=== 2.4.4 / 2014-11-12

Bug fixes:

* Add alternate Root CA for upcoming certificate change. Fixes #1050 by

=== 2.4.3 / 2014-11-10

Bug fixes:

* Fix redefine MirrorCommand issue. Pull request #1044 by @akr.
* Fix typo in platform= docs. Pull request #1048 by @jasonrclark
* Add root SSL certificates for upcoming certificate change. Fixes #1050 by

=== 2.4.2 / 2014-10-01

This release was sponsored by Ruby Central.

Bug fixes:

* RubyGems now correctly matches wildcard no_proxy hosts. Issue #997 by
* Added support for missing git_source method in the gem dependencies API.
* Fixed handling of git gems with an alternate install directory.
* Lockfiles will no longer be truncated upon resolution errors.
* Fixed messaging for `gem owner -a`. Issue #1004 by Aaron Patterson, Ryan
* Removed meaningless ensure. Pull request #1003 by gogotanaka.
* Improved wording of –source option help. Pull request #989 by Jason Clark.
* Empty build_info files are now ignored. Issue #903 by Adan Alvarado.
* Gem::Installer ignores dependency checks when installing development
dependencies. Issue #994 by Jens Willie.
* `gem update` now continues after dependency errors. Issue #993 by aaronchi.
* RubyGems no longer warns about semantic version dependencies for the 0.x
range. Issue #987 by Jeff Felchner, pull request #1006 by Hsing-Hui Hsu.
* Added minimal lock to allow multithread installation of gems. Issue #982
and pull request #1005 by Yorick Peterse
* RubyGems now considers prerelease dependencies as it did in earlier versions
when –prerelease is given. Issue #990 by Jeremy Tryba.
* Updated capitalization in README. Issue #1010 by Ben Bodenmiller.
* Fixed activating gems from a Gemfile for default gems. Issue #991 by khoan.
* Fixed windows stub script generation for Cygwin. Issue #1000 by Brett
* Allow gem bindir and ruby.exe to live in separate diretories. Pull request
#942 by Ian Flynn.
* Fixed handling of gemspec in gem dependencies files to match Bundler
behavior. Issue #1020 by Michal Papis.
* Fixed `gem update` when updating to prereleases. Issue #1028 by Santiago
* RubyGems now fails immediately when a git reference cannot be found instead
of spewing git errors. Issue #1031 by Michal Papis

RubyGems installed the following executables:

Ruby Interactive (ri) documentation was installed. ri is kind of like man
pages for ruby libraries. You may access it like this:
ri Classname
ri Classname.class_method
ri Classname#instance_method
If you do not wish to install this documentation in the future, use the
–no-document flag, or set it as the default in your ~/.gemrc file. See
‘gem help env’ for details.

RubyGems system software updated

C:\Users\CORE I 3>


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